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Layout and project infographics for the guidelines made by OXFAM “GBV mitigation during the COVID-19 pandemic”

Theses documents provide guidance for the protection of survivors and for gender-based violence (GBV) response in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. Globally, GBV – particularly domestic or family-based violence – are on the increase as many families are isolated or under lockdown for weeks in their homes. Women staying at home with abusive partners are at increased risk of being severely harmed.
To mitigate this situation, OXFAM is presenting a defined approach to support monitoring, mediation, counselling, interim safe spaces and safe homes. See all guides here.

Presentation and character design for a OXFAM project about migration from Guatemala to the States and the loss of lives that take place along the way.

This project won the Operation Dagsværk’s funds of that year. The inspiration came from old Mayan masks and tales, and the division that these migrants have between risking the life leaving, or staying in the country.

The magazine that explained the project, followed the same concept, a dangerous journey full of perils, check it out here, and the animated Prezi presentation.

Graphic design
Graphic design
Graphic design
Graphic design
Graphic design

Presentation for OXFAM, on what was to become the 2013 Operation Dagsværk winner project. An animated presentation and a magazine were created to communicate the various aspects of this project (extractive industries, taxation, empowerment, education and the use of new technologies for coordinated activism and outreach).

To design the presentation for Action Aid, about a movable project, based on shipping containers, on education and health care in the slums of Zimbabwe; we recreated in miniature how it would look like. We wanted to transport the audience to the actual little city that Action Aid would build.
See presentation here.

Graphic design