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NASA – A human Adventure

We Photographed and time-lapsed the MDSCC/NASA space station in Madrid while the latest mission to Mars, the MSL, was about to send its first transmission to the station. Apart from documenting such amazing moment, part of the material is being used to create content for the MDSCC museum and the international exhibition NASA – A human Adventure.

Macro Universe for film production

We love to take close up look to the macro and micro world to help produce title sequences and special effects for films. So, we experiment with chemical reactions, liquids, lenses, microscopes and all needed to get the analogical microcosms the director wants.

Music Documentary Video

Karma Comes Around is an artistic statement to bring awareness to the plight of the Spanish Sighthound. The song was released on February 1st on World Galgo Day, is part of the musical universe for the documentary called YO GALGO (the song for the credits) and the outreach strategy created to increase the impact of the film.

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