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The video above is a cast of the Myths that our project Nomad Land will work with

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Nomad Land / In Preproduction


Nomad Land is an artistic and inclusive multimedia project that seeks to explore and revitalize Greenlandic traditional wisdom and myths from the coast. The project works with the creative expression of people and filmmaking as tools for personal growth, as well as a means to raise awareness about the need to act now on climate change. Nomad Land will relate Greenlandic traditional stories, with universal values on human connection to nature, through the production of films, audio, and an online photo exhibition. All content is made in collaboration with local youth and Greenlandic artist. The chosen stories will inspire other coastal communities in the Nordic countries to explore and share their myths and tales, engaging in a conversation about the importance of reconnecting with nature, preserve traditional wisdom, and lead sustainable lives.

Project description

The overall intention of Nomad Land is to raise awareness about the need to care for the planet, and to inspire a cross generational dialogue about it with an artistic, inclusive and multifaceted approach. This project promotes education and cultural exchange among people, while helping develop skills and stories that can be used to bring forth local perspectives to global challenges.

Through workshops on storytelling and footage created along the experience involving youth in Nuuk, Ummanaq, Ilulissat, and Saattut, the Danish producer Skinny Dog Films and the Greenlandic co-producer Amarok Productions will create contents for three short films, an online-exhibition, and an online learning community where to share results and processes.

What benefit does the project bring about?

The project promotes cultural exchange between Denmark and Greenland while developing skills and stories that take a look at the intersection of mythology, identity in a given natural environment, and the critical loss of ancient knowledge, in areas where climatic uncertainty is most felt. This first project focuses on Greenland, but we hope to implement its methodology and learnings in other areas in the future.

During the year in which Nomad Land will take place, a series of workshops (on filmmaking and audio recording) will be created with local artists and mentors to facilitate the inclusion of participants in the production process. The intention of the project is to keep on creating learning contents as the workshops move along; the goal is to inspire others to participate in the community with their creativity. Some of these materials will be made by the students themselves, others will be interviews with local storytellers/artists/experts, and master cases. We hope to develop a platform championed by the open exchange of knowledge, enabling people to participate creatively in the global quest for a more sustainable future.

As our world continues to shrink through the improved connectivity, global perspectives from local viewpoints are more important than ever. The voices of those who live the “myth”, the depletion of their habitats and their changes, must be put accounted in the global dialogue on what kind of world we want, and what are the solutions we must seek towards the global common goals.

During the year in which the project will take place, a series of workshops (in skills used for filmmaking and audio recording) will be created to facilitate the inclusion of participants in the production process. That is why these lines just aim to present a direction, not a road map, as in all collaborative processes the results change as we move along the idea with the participants.

We think that our project will interest not only the people directly affected by it, either by participating in the workshops or by experiencing the physical manifestations of the results, but that it will also connect with the rapidly growing movement of thousand of people taking action to preserve nature around the world (See shared audiences further in the document).

Along the circumpolar circle, similar mythical stories happen to be present; they are shared and still populate the imagination of many people. Tales from Greenland have their counterparts within the Inuit populations of Alaska, Canada and the Russian peninsula of Chukotka. Around 160.000 people share imagery and symbols from such tales as part of their inherited cultural identity and, while myths have a function, the project would like to understand how similar stories work in within far away lands.

We believe that interpreting these mystical stories with a naturalist documentary look of those who tell them, along with a well-cared online communication of the process, will contribute to the strengthening of voices in the circumpolar area.

Although the magical and the mysterious seem to have been forgotten in modern societies, myths and imagination have been our historical connectors to the wonders of nature, as well as sources of knowledge and social cohesion.

Those closer to the natural world, the animal psyche and the elements, were respected members of society, taken in high esteem and consulted. They were the ones who had a deep understanding of how to abide by nature and thrive. But who is trying to see like an eagle now, feel like a whale or stand like a tree? Where has that connection gone in the globalized world of today? Where is the awe for what’s known to be the most rare and precious thing in the universe which is life, in whatever form?

There is no denial to the fact that we are entering an environmental state of emergency. The overall intention of “Nomad Land” is to raise awareness about the need to care for nature from an artistic, inclusive and multifaceted approach. This project promotes education and cultural exchange among people, while helping develop skills and stories that can be used to bring forth local perspectives with global interests.

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Yo Galgo – Feature Documentary

Once raised only by Spanish noble families, the Galgo has had a remarkable fall from grace, yet their story is relatively unknown around the world. Even in Spain, their plight is often unheard of, or worse, ignored.

“Yo Galgo is a film about an invisible genocide taking place while the authorities look the other way. It’s an exposé of the sharp divide between animal rights and the traditions of a nation.”

Awarded OUTSTANDING INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY FILM at the Genesis Awards 2018, just announced by The Humane Society.

Nominated at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards for ‘Best Original Song – Documentary’. We are up against names like Quincy Jones, Diane Warren, Tim McGraw, and Patti Smith.

50K of engaged and supportive followers on Instagram, 22K on Facebook, and 1.3K on Youtube

Produced by Skinny Dog Films ApS
Written, directed and edited by Yeray López Portillo
Original music by Arturo Cardelús

The soundtrack
for YO GALGO is a classical score with a preeminent role within the film, recorded with orchestra in L.A and mixed in 5.1.

We exists to promote creative exchange among people in the world who care for nature. Our platform believes in cultural activism, education and entrepreneurship as fundamental pillars for the development of sustainable societies end environments. We promote freedom of expression, creativity and the importance of local perspectives for the development of cultural projects of global interest.

We encourage the protection of living beings and their habitats, network to achieve growth, and collectively fundraise for stories that matter.

Yo Galgo came to existence thanks to the collaborative effort of more than a thousand people.

Now Yo Galgo premiered in cinemas in Spain and was the 75th most watched film in only two months. Now we will try to hit TVs mid 2020.

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