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Skinny Dog Films

Something about What we do and Why

Our focus is on creating content that entertains, enlightens and sparks dialogue. We are an independent production company passionate about making a difference through motion pictures, photography, graphic design and strategic planning for campaigns and social projects. As dedicated Impact producers, always driven by the creative and artistic exchange as a tool for change, we manage the creative and organizational process from script to screen, from talk to paper and people.

Storyline – In many parts of the world, dogs are man’s best friend. However, in Spain, an ancient breed of hunting dog, the Galgo, is being horrifically abused and tortured; thousands are killed annually, and countless more are abandoned.

Outreach planning

We want to make a change with our productions and knew, from the start, that in order to make an impact in the world with this film we needed the support of the international community. So, already two years before finishing the documentary, we started campaigning for the project, reaching out to tens of thousands of people. We are lucky to say now, that we have a global family.

Music Production

More than four years of production were needed to put together the untold story of the Spanish Sighthound. A film shot in three countries toped with an original soundtrack, recorded with orchestra and mixed in 5.1 for cinemas. YO GALGO has been a project with which we´ve learned incredibly much, and has made this young production company ready to tackle projects of all sizes.

Promote Nature and Others

We believe that the pursuit of environmental justice and the co-creation of culture and inspiring contents are as much tools for development as basic ingredients for a sustainable business model.

Tell a story

To experience the world creatively, and communicate what we believe is important, encourages people to take an active role in the world and challenge the destructive ideologies that surround us. The creative response is our answer to the question: What kind of world do we want to live in?

Our vision as producers

We believe in a world championed by the open and free exchange of knowledge that enables people to creatively express their own story. The creative response that occurs when participating in such processes empowers us and makes us grow.